Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My con man

My one year old is really learning to talk, and it is incredibly cute to see. Every chance he gets to use one of his words is an opportunity that he really seems to relish.

'No' is his favorite word. It used to be 'dada', but now I think I have to be content with a close second place.

Every time he goes into his room and sees his little heater, he points at it and tells me 'ha' (hot). He does the same thing when he sees the fireplace or the grill.

When Conner sees a hat, either a picture or a real one, he pats his head and says 'ha' (hat). I am not sure what would happen if he ran into a hot hat.

Connor's favorite book is 'Baker Baker Cookie Maker' because he knows how to say 'coocoo' (cookie monster).

Every day, the baby improves his talking skills. And amazingly enough, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I do not know how I became so lucky to live with this joy.

Incidentally, this is the second blog I have written on my smart phone and emailed to my blog to publish. I am really impressed at how this works. I also attached the photo above to the email, but it did not automatically publish the picture. That is somewhat disappointing, but probably understandable. Hopefully they will make the blog publish work with attached photos at some point. Anyway... isn't he just the cutest baby you have ever seen?

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