Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snowy travel

This is the first snowy travel day of the season, so I am taking the light
rail. Back before I could deduct mileage, I rode the light rail just about
half the time. Since I became self-employed, I only take it on Rocky Home
Game days or real bad traffic days. Maybe now that I can blog from my phone
I'll do it more.

The problem with taking the light rail is that it takes a longer time to get
to and from work. The big advantage is that I don't actually have to drive.
Of course, I should be glad about how much gas I save, but unfortunately,
the $.45 per mile I am able to pay myself as my employer pretty much negates
that advantage. Perhaps I am way too attached to cold hard cash. It is
easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for me to enter
the kingdom of heaven. It is a good thing that with God all things are

Well, I am coming up on my stop. I will then have to walk through the snow
to my current client. It is a heck of a lot better than driving with the
weather-challenged drivers of Denver, though.

By the way, if you are looking for a smart phone , I completely endorse the
Motorola Q.


It is now time to go home. I never synced during the day so, my blog was
still in the outbox... And I can continue where I left off. Battery life on
this is not as good as it was on my old phone. This is actually because I
use the smart phone more than the stupid one. One nice thing, though is
that power come through the little mini-usb port, so I can charge up
anywhere i have my laptop (which Monday thru Friday is almost everywhere).

As of now, I still bring my mp3 player with me, but I have a 2 gb mini-sd
card ordered for my phone. I can load a bunch of music on the phone and not
need the player anymore. Of course I basically have ALL my music on the mp3
player, and the phone cannot hold everything. So, maybe I will just still
use the mp3 player. It is nice to have the option, though.

So, it is nice riding the light rail. I think I may make a special effort
to ride to work once or twice a week. Environmentalists probably are glad
I got the Q.

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