Sunday, October 22, 2006

Smart Phone

I am typing this blog on my new smart phone . It is really a neat little
piece of technology, but I am not sure it is worth the effort. It is sort
of overkill for what I really need it for. I still have the cheapest
wireless plan I have ever been able to find, and I could not bring myself
to pay for a web / data plan that will allow me to do much web serfing.

I do foresee myself developing little smart-phone apps for this, but without
wifi, I will be dependent on web services to do any client / server type
things ... And that costs me by the kb.

Unfortunately, the unlimited data plan with verizon seems ridiculously
expensive for what I would use it for. The web-browser seems awefully slow
for the price as well. I guess as I see how much I use this, I'll know and
can adjust.

This phone definantly has some cool features. I really like the sync
between outlook on my laptop and the phone. Although I am really
disappointed in the fact that the sync does not include notes. The phone
also does not come with a text editor. I really wanted to use the sync to
push important information form and to my phone such as account numbers and
stuff like that. Of course, I could download an app to do that or I could
even develop one myself, but it just seems that the smart phone software
should have included that.

But, for the most part, I am pretty pleased with the phone. I probably will
use it enough to be worth the extreme cost. It will be cool to have.

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