Friday, January 11, 2008

Atheist Seuss

Apparently there is another blogger who does not trust the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz.

I am not sure his purpose for writing this blog. It is an exact copy of the second example on except he replaces references to Phillip Pullman, the atheist who wrote the Golden Compass, with Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

Perhaps the author of the blog is trying to point out how easy it is to post something completely ridiculous on the internet. Not only is it easy, but it is not all that difficult to make it sound authentic.

I do not know if that is actually what he is doing.

Maybe he is just trying to pull me into an intellectual Maelstrom where I spend hours contemplating Dr. Seuss as a poisonous anti-Christian author. This contemplation would certainly make me dizzy.

Or maybe, he really thinks Dr. Seuss’s work is meant to contradict Christian themes found in the Narnia books. I sort of doubt it.

Actually it seems sort of like something I might do. Why would I do it? My main reason would be that I am a weirdo. Maybe this guy is sort of weird like I am. Trying to read his mind is probably not worth the effort. It would be similar to the intellectual Maelstrom only this is my own creation, and not his intention.

Maelstroms are exciting. Did you see the one at the end of At World’s End? It was cool.

I have to say, all this controversy on the Golden Compass makes me want to see the movie even more than I did before. I also want to read the books now.

Based on what I have heard / read, the worst of the three books is the third where a couple of child heroes go out to try to kill "god". In this case, though, it sounds to me that the "god" they are killing is an entity that claims to have created the universe but did not. It is a false god.

I have no problems with an author going out to kill a false god. Kill all the false gods you want. I sort of doubt Jesus would have a problem with getting rid of false gods. The Bible is full of stories of faithful standing up to the false gods established religion. Moses destroyed the golden calf. Jesus himself went crazy in a temple to protest the established religious leaders of the time and how they no longer were actually serving the true God.

Anyway, people who go out of their way to point out and become outraged about controversy in works of fiction need to get a life.

BTW, just before posting this, I checked back on his blog. I had left a comment telling him I did not get the joke. He responded and It turns out my original thought was pretty correct. He was making a point on how easy it is to post ridiculous claims about any work of fiction. He was also making a point on how ridiculous the whole uproar about the Golden Compass was too. I have to say I completely agree on both points.

He wrote:
“I wasn't sure what about the original 'Golden Compass' screed was more ridiculous: the claims of the author or the crazed style in which it was written. And I got to thinking that you could, er, embellish just about any work of fiction with similar claims. And I happened to have just finished reading 'The Cat in the Hat' with my son.OK, maybe that was reaching a bit too far.”

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