Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tweedle Beetle Update

So remember the Tweedle Beetles? ( I bet I have referenced them the most of any person or thing or concept in my blog. I blame them for all kinds of ills with my life and the world in general. Some of my claims in regards to the Tweedle Beetles turned out to be false. For instance, I no longer think that Tweedle Beetles invented the big-screen TV. It was also not their fault that I did not own one. I now do own a big-screen TV and no Beetles of any kind attempted in any way to stop me. Obviously, the Tweedle Beetles did not prevent the Rockies from making the playoffs since the Rockies did end up winning the NLCS. I do not even think that the Tweedle Beetles had anything to do with the pathetic showing the Rockies had in the World Series, although I am quite sure that Tweedle Beetles are big Red Sox fans. They do not like Fox in Socks, but they probably do like Baseball Players in Sox.

Anyway, I still do think that they are involved with the Summit County mob. And I still do think they need to be stopped. I am still looking for the Fox in Socks and the Knox in Box to form an alliance whoes sole purpose will be to fight the Tweedle Beetles. Unfortunately, the Fox still has not gotten back to me, and I fear that the Knox has been neutralized by the Tweedle Beetles (or some of their minions) and may even be dead never to be found. I'll bet they put cement overshoes on the poor guy and sent him to the bottom of the ocean. Davy Jones might know where he lies, but DJ will certainly not tell me and even if he did, would it do me any good?

I have come close to tracking down the Fox, but nothing concrete enough to share with my faithful readers of this blog (or should I say reader of my blog).

In case you wish to refresh your memory about some of the things I have written about the Tweedle Beetles, I have listed some links of Tweedle Beetle Blogs. You might want to go in reverse direction to maintain a chronological order in your mind.
Auction Automations
Knox in Box
Fox in Socks
Wasn't There
Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz
Tweedle beetles

A close second to the most referenced person or thing or concept in my blog is probably Jesus. How screwed up am I that Tweedle Beetles seem to hold more interest to me than Jesus? I am pathetic.
He is Risen
Eat Pig
Is anger a sin?

And actually, I did a blog search on "Tyler". It appears that I reference my kids much more in this blog than Jesus and Tweedle Beetles combined:
Ryan ; Pool ; Kelsey ; Is anybody there? ; AA ; Miscellaneous thoughts ; Baby Adventure ; He is Risen ;Male Grizzlies ; Male Lions ; Happy New Year ; Potty Training II ; Potty Training ; Thanks ; Theodore ; Smacking Tyler ; Jeremy Shepard ; 10 Years ; 14ers ; Time Flies ; Tyler Cowboy ; Is anger a sin? ; Good Day to Die

That is certainly appropriate because Tyler and Connor do interest me more than anything.
I reference my wife quite a bit too. Probably more than Tweedle Beetles but less than my kids.

I keep saying how uninteresting this blog is, but as I went back through some of these posts, they really were sort of good. (only if I say so myself) I really should go back and read the old posts more often. You should look at some of these too.

Anyway, I promise to you that I am not done fighting the Tweedle Beetles and just because I have not chronicled every little battle, does not mean I have not been actively trying to rid the world of the evil known as the Tweedle Beetles.

Everyone other than the Tweedle Beetles and their minions, please have a healthy and happy 2008.

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