Friday, January 25, 2008

M & M

I like M and M's. Especially peanut M and M's.

I do not eat them much because my boy suffers from an alleged peanut allergy. It is not good to have peanut products or even products packaged anywhere near peanuts around my son.

I also like peanuts themselves. I do not eat a bunch of those around Tyler either. I do sometimes snack at them at work because Rob brings them in with his food deliveries. Probably he brings them because I said they make good snacks.

Who is Rob? It does not matter.

Rob is trying to convince us to buy really expensive chairs.

I could do several Blogs on Rob Harvey. However, I would have no idea where to begin.

But this blog is not about Mr. Harvey.

I like M and M's, and I also like Eminem. I cannot listen to him at home much because my boys are too young to hear the profane language that comes out of his mouth. The sexist violent homo-phobic content is also bad for children. It is not good for adults either but theoretically I can handle the destructive nature of his songs.

"I don't blame ya. I wouldn't let Hailie listen to me neither."

I think most people would assume I would not be much of an Eminem fan because of my quiet non-violent nice-guy non-judgemental dare-I-say-Christan personality. Eminem does not have the same kind of personality.

But I think Slim Shadey is extremely talented. I do not understand why he associates himself with no-talent rappers like 50 cent or Obie Trice or other D12 idiots.

Maybe he does not realize that he is more talented than those jokers. Or maybe he realizes it and just wants to shine in their company.

Some of his songs are simply great. His profanity is horrible and some of his songs advocate some immoral things, and probably should be banned. But all of his songs show that he has talent for rapping and I would even call some of his stuff poetic.

"Lose Yourself" from 8 mile won an award and completely deserved it. It is a great song about doing what it takes to chase your dreams. It is a timeless theme and the music itself is powerful and fun to hear.

I also think the movie 8 mile was a very good movie and Marshall was awesome as the protagonist. That sound track probably includes the best of his serious lyrical work.

Mockingbird is also a wonderful song. It is a sweet proclamation of his love for his daughter.

"When I'm Gone" is also a poetic masterpiece. It is an insightful self realization of how destructive his Slim Shady persona has been to his family. Ironically it appears to be his "swan song". He kills slim shady as part of the song's narrative. To be honest, I do not necessarily know that he has done anymore songs after he published "When I'm Gone".

He has many other great songs, and even those that are not great are very good. I do not think I have heard an Eminem song, especially those where he does not go in with 50 cent or some other "Gansta Rapper" that I do not enjoy on some level. Some are silly and funny. Some are profound. Some are sweet. It is just too bad he cannot figure out how to clean up the language (and other immoral subject).

"Will Smith don't have to cuss in his raps to sell records. Well I do so f+@k him and f#$k you too."

I think Eminem likes me too. When he refers to a typical white upper middle class suburban kids he uses the name Eric or Erica. I am quite sure he was thinking of me when he made that choice.

White America ... Eric looks just this. (White America)
White America ... Erica loves my sh!t. (White America)
Eric ..oh ..ah (My first single)
Square dance . People (Eric) it feels so good to be back. (Square dance)
Sheppy-do wants to square dance with me. (Square dance)

I made up that last one, but I am sure if I were more famous so that more people would catch the reference, he would have added "Sheppy-do" to his song.

Anyway, I am sure no one cares whether or not I like Eminem.

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