Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dot Soup

What is up with Pavel Datsyuk's playoff beard?

If you cannot grow a beard, just shave it all the way off. Don't do some sort of 13-year old peach fuzz. It makes him look ridiculous. Zetterberg's beard and Holmstrom's more than make up Dot Soup's lack of facial hair on that line. And the dominant play of that line ... really the whole red wing team really sort of makes all criticism mute.

Besides, Sidney Crosby's beard is sort of pathetic too (not nearly as bad as Datsyuk's). AND Crosby's first name is "Sidney".

Datsyuk is the one guy on the Wings that I don't hate. Well, I should say he used to be the one guy I did not hate. Now, with the way his face bothers me, I might have to reevaluate my feelings for him. The main reason I gave him some love before is because how incredibly fun it is for me to yell "Dot Soup" at the TV. I wonder if he would consider joining the Blackhawks or the Avs. He should be up for free-agency some time, shouldn't he? I wonder if his brothers Noodle, Alphabet, and Tom are also hockey players. Wouldn't it be fun to cheer for the Soup brothers in Blackhawk jerseys? It would be like some of the great brother combinations of all time. Like the Stanzneys or the Sutters or the Ovs. Of course I would really have to hate those guys if they played for the Red Wings... just like I despised the Ovs when 5 of them played for the Wings.

It pains me to say this, but the Red Wings are by far the better team. Pittsburgh is certainly talented and out of all the "everyone else" teams this year they deserve to be called second best. Due to my hatred of the Red Wings, I would certainly prefer for the Penguins to win the cup, but unless they find a way to play much better, or Fleury finds a way to play "off the planet" great, I do not see how the good guys will possibly win the next two. Of course while watching the game Monday night, I did not think they could have won that game.

As you probably know (actually, two out of the three people who read this blog probably do not know, but that is ok... you know now), Monday's game went into 3 overtimes. I was pissed because my DVR only got me to 10 minutes before the final goal was scored. Usually by sometime in the 3rd period, I am caught up with the live action, but things happened Monday night that made me start watching later than I usually would. So, my DVR stopped recording before I had caught up, and I missed the winning goal. Tonight I not only am telling the DVR to record my standard extra two hours for a hockey game, but I am also having it record a couple of hours after that. So, I should be good for about 5 or 6 overtimes.

How much do you want to bet tonight's game is done in regulation?

So, we are rooting for Penguins tonight in the Shepard house. Not only because Dot Soup should not be pretending to grow a beard, and not only because I hate the Red Wings, but also because I am not ready for hockey to be done for the year. I feel I got screwed out of the game Monday.

Go Pens.

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