Friday, June 13, 2008

Lady Byng

I heard on the radio today that my buddy Dot Soup (we have a love / hate relationship just like I have with most of my "Buddies") won his third straight Lady Bing (actually Byng .. But I have a mis-spelling of names theme going on here) trophey this year.

I have to wonder... Do real hockey players, the ones who actually get to the penalty box for roughing and the occasional fighting penalties, respect the winner of the Lady Bing?

The whole concept of Lady Bing is to award the player in hockey who shows gentlemanly conduct on and off the ice. Usually it goes to a great player who does not get very many penalties. It seems like a trophey that a tough hockey player would not consider an honor. Hockey players are not supposed to have tea with crumpets.

Of course, I do not necessarily associate being tough with getting lots of fighting penalties. To me, it is just as tough to take a stick to the face, get up, take the penalty and/or get back into he play, and maybe even score a goal. My buddy Joe Sakic has won the Bing in the past, and I actually consider him one of the toughest hockey players I have ever watched. The only fight I have ever seen Joe Sakic in was when he beat up Doug Gilmore (a Blackhawk at the time). Joe got slashed, scored a goal and then beat up Doug Gilmore. But he knows how to get through clutching and grabbing without ever complaining or whining and he lets his goal scoring be the way he strikes out at the other team. He also plays PK and PP and rarely misses a shift.

Dot Soup is the same sort of guy I guess. I do not have the same sort of fondness for him as I do for Joe. But I suppose 3 Bings in a row is fantastic accomplishment. And he has the same sort of toughness.

Congratulations Mr. Soup.

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