Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Press Release

Denver, Colorado, (Jan. 6, 2009) -- Denver based Automated Event System Inc, DBA Auction & Event Solutions announced today that it has completed its merger with Auction Automations, LLC., creating an auction technology and services firm that will be better positioned to more effectively service the national non-profit industry. The company retains the Auction & Event Solutions name and continues to operate in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois and Texas.

"The merger combines one of the largest and most recognized non-profit service providers with one of the most innovative and successful technology providers, creating a new Auction & Event Solutions poised to pursue growth and provide a broader range of services to a national client base , said newly appointed AES President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Wood.

This merger combines two complementary firms to create a new company that is greater than the sum of its parts. Wood added, "Auction & Event Solutions has exceptional name recognition and with the addition of the Auction Automations technology, we can leverage the AES brand and maximize the traditional services offered by the company. Together, the new Auction & Event Solutions is a greater, stronger more dynamic company." Derry Roth, Managing Director of Auction Automations, LLC, said,

The merger provides Auction Automations with the opportunity to more quickly expand our services throughout the country. In fact, we already have a joint presence in Colorado, Illinois and Texas, and a business plan in place for controlled expansion in other states through the coming years. Most importantly, AES shares our stablished mission of providing service excellence. In the coming months, our clients will be meeting new managers and technical crews. However, many familiar Auction Automations staff will remain involved. "Jon Doehling, owner of Auction & Event Solutions Illinois, states,

This merger will help usher in a new age of charity fundraising through silent auctions, both here in Chicago and nationwide. Our clients are very excited about Auction Automations' wireless touch pad bidding technology and the possibilities it allows. By automating the auction, we can begin to eliminate the errors and frustration we are all so used to seeing at large scale fundraising events. We are about to change how non-profit professionals and auction participants view silent auctions. The future is now."

Ashley D. Weber, owner of Auction & Event Solutions Colorado, said, "Joining forces with Auction Automations allows AES to add and expand our existing technology solutions for our clients. The great new touch pad bidding, with the added support of AES staff and service creates an unparalleled technology and service package for silent and live auctions nationwide. While AES has been providing auction solutions for over 20 years in Colorado, we are now able to expand our offerings of services to clients in a way that was not possible before.

"The merger with Auction Automations is a transformational event in the 20-year history of AES. said Louis Murad, the Owner of Auction & Event Solutions Dallas, Ft. Worth. This is essentially the creation of a new company that is equipped to pursue both local and national growth in order to better serve our clients and the nonprofit communities throughout the United States."

About Auction & Event Solutions
Auction & Event Solutions is one of the largest and most respected non-profit event night services companies. AES offers the non-profit community technologies and services positioned to generate substantially more revenue from annual silent and live gala fundraising auctions. Comprehensive integrated solutions, including consulting, planning, event management, touch pad bidding, integration with Auctionpay® and Auction Source ®, and event night staff provide a turnkey source for the non-profit community.

For more information regarding Auction & Event Solutions and the merger, please visit www.AESAuctions.com.

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