Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok ... not to sound to "republican", but What the Hell? If the current administration wants to add honesty and integrity to government ... why not start by being honest with what the Stimulus bill actually is: an blatant attempt to fund a good chunk of the liberal agenda in one fell swoop.

How does any of this stimulate the economy???
  • $335 million for education related to sexually transmitted diseases
  • $650 million for coupons to help people make the switch to digital TV
  • $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
  • $150 million for the Smithsonian Institution
  • $50 million for the National Cemetery Administration's monument and memorial repairs
  • $800 million for Amtrak, the country's railroad system
  • $2 billion for child-care subsidies
  • $400 million for global warming research
  • $100 million for reducing the danger of lead paint in homes
  • $2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects
  • $200 million for the U.S. Geological Survey to monitor earthquakes and volcanoes
  • $650 million for the U.S. Forest Service to remove fish passage barriers, forest improvement and watershed enhancement projects
  • $1.5 million for a National Institute of Health/Institute of Medicine report to Congress
  • $50.6 million for services for older blind individuals
  • $400 million for the Social Security Administration's new National Computer Center
  • $325 million for Academic Achievement Awards
  • $70 million for programs to help people quit smoking
  • $75 million for a super-computer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
I am not saying some of this is not worthy of consideration (although I am against the government paying for MOST of what is in there), but shoving it all into a bill which is meant as a Stimulus Package is downright dishonest. Every Obama supporter kept talking about this wonderful change that would occur. But, this is clearly politics as usual. Unfortunately, politics as usual is even more dangerous because checks and balances don't really exist with the Legistrative and Executive branches pretty much on the same page.

If this is how things are going down with the new administration, we are in for a long 4-8 years!


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