Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today is Tyler's last day of 1st grade. Yesterday, he was real excited because I told him I would go to the 2nd grade picnic with him. Because his GT class is 1st and 2nd grade, his whole class got to go to a picnic for the 2nd grade of his school. But around 10:30, I got an email from his teacher letting me know that because of rain, the picnic was canceled, so I did not go.

I feel bad. Mondy night, Tyler told Mommy how excited it was that Daddy was coming. I feel sort of like I let him down. Shouldn't a Dad be able to control the weather? Not sure why I can't. I can fight wolves and saber tooth tigers and dinosaurs and dragons. My boys can fly when they are around me. I help them travel through time and space. I have untold super Dad powers. We fight evil together, but I cannot stop a little rain?


Speaking of weak, the Blackhawks play tonight. After last game, my expectations are not real high. Huet apparently forgot how to stop pucks, and the kid that the Hawks picked up off the Chicago streets really cannot be expected to do much. The Bulin Wall has been out and even if he is back, he was pretty shaky last time he played.

Plus, the Redwings are just too good. Oops... Did I say that out loud? At home with questionable goal tending for the opposition, in an elimination game, the Evil Redwings are just too solid to not be favored.

Don't tell any Redwing fans that I said that.

I guess considering he recent past (and not so recent) of the Blackhawks playoffs (or lack thereof), I should be happy no matter what happens tonight. And if you look at the young talent on the team, the Hawks really should be good for a long time. Playing in the same division as they evil wings is a bummer, but those jerks cannot be great forever (I hope). Yes, I should be happy for a great season and a bright future, but if the Hawks lose 2nite, I will be unhappy. I will be in a bad mood after the game. I will yell at the poor announcers during the Nuggets game. I will probably be short with the wife and kids. I'll probably kick the dog. Ok I do not have a dog. But the point is: a Hawks defeat will put me in a bad mood. It will be even worse than my usual mood when the Redwings win. It will probably ruin my week. Do not cross me the next few days if the Hawks are defeated.

Anyway, the game is starting any second. I hope I remembered to set the DVR.

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