Friday, May 22, 2009


It has been a long time since I've had a such an interest this far into both the basketball and hockey playoffs. Quite frankly, it is exhausting. I have to rearrange my schedule around both the Blackhawks and the Nuggets. When I was watching to see the Red Wings or LA lose, I did not have to watch every single game or even all of any of the games. If it was not a good game, or I had something else I had to do, the TV could just stay off. When the Blackhawks are on, I HAVE to watch every minute of the game. The Nuggets are not quite as important to me, but close, and ironically, my wife has suddenly become a Nuggets fan. Welcome to the bandwagon, dear.

If not for my two-tuner DVR, I would be in real trouble since the NBA and NHL have conspired together to show "my" teams at overlapping times more often than not.

Last year, I made fun of Dot Soup's playoff beard. I am pleased to note that apparently, he reads my blog, because this year he did not even bother with the facial hair. I am happy to provide such a service. Dot, next time leave a comment, OK?

I believe my buddy Patrick Kane also read my blog as he did not even try. Since he looks 15, I am pretty sure his beard would look even worse than Mr. Soup's did last year.

Unfortunately, my other buddy Jonny Toews either did not read the blog or does not realize that his playoff beard is almost as bad as Dot Soup's was last year. But, as long as he keeps playing well, I will not complain too much. Maybe if they lose tonight I'll get on him. Actually, I am not really sure what Toews is trying to do with his face. The mutton chops look like they are comming in fine, but his chin looks exactly like Dot Soup's from last year. It is like Jonny is shaving the chin every other day or something. Maybe he is saving the real beard for the Stanley Cup finals?

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