Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike Ride

We didn't have the best Memorial Day Weekend weather. It is always nice to get rain, but it really would have been nice to get more sun on the long weekend.

We did go for a bike ride up Waterton Canyon on Saturday. Waterton is about a 20 minute drive for us. It is basically the start of the Colorado Trail, so I guess we really could have biked 500 miles, but Tyler is not really ready for single tracks, so we stay on the first part of the trail.

Tracy really likes biking here because it is a really wide bike trail for about the first 7 miles (after which comes the single track up into the mountains), and although it is definitely a slight elevation gain, for the most part it feels pretty flat until you start to head back and realize it is a much easier ride heading back out.

Tyler really likes the trail, because it is the only place he has riden that has clearly visible mile markers to let him know how far he has gone. I think he also appreciates the wide trail and the mostly-flat ride. And, I think he really likes the way he can go faster back out of the Canyon.

Connor doesn't much care about any of that. He just rides in the trailer talking to his stuffed Gorilla, and enjoying himself when we stop.

Tyler's previous bike - riding record was to mile-marker 3, which means he did 6 miles. Saturday, he made it 5 miles in and 5 miles out to give him (are you ready for this?) 10 total miles. 10 miles is pretty good for a boy of 7.

That first picture was a shelter we stopped at for lunch. Tyler and Connor thought is was cool that its name was "Rattlesnake", but we did not see any snakes close by. The second picture is me and the boys on a little side trail we walked up after lunch.

And, here we all are on a bridge about 4 and a half miles from the start of the trail. The kids liked dropping rocks through a little drainage hole in the bridge and watching them drop to the water.

So, this was the only out-doorsy type thing we did this weekend. Usually we are camping Memorial Day weekend, but Daddy kept putting off making a reservation until nothing was left. Considering all the rain, I am glad we did not end up going camping. It should be nicer this coming weekend.

Here is a little picture of Mommy and Daddy snowshoeing up in Estes park a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't really go with this blog, but I meant to post it back around the time we went on our kidless weekend getaway, and just never got around to it.

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