Friday, February 05, 2010

Erupting Monsters

Well, my 2nd grader entered the science fair this year with his project "Erupting Monsters": a model of a volcano along with a display full of fascinating volcano facts. He worked really hard and it looks really cool. You can learn interesting things on his display.

Monday night we went to the school to discover that all the hard work paid off with a blue "top honors" ribbon. This (as the name suggests) is the top prize given out at the fair. Tyler and two other 2nd graders got this ribbon. 2 or 3 of each grade seemed to get one. So, while it was not as if he made THE best science project in his school, he did get the highest award they gave out. Outstanding work by the young man. I am proud that he got the honor, but I am even prouder of the effort he put into it. He did work very hard. He probably put more effort into this than I ever put into anything when I was in grade school.

Gets the brains and work ethic from his mother, obviously.

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