Friday, February 26, 2010


The power just went off to the house while I was on the computer.
A couple months ago, the power went off in our house right before my wife needed to make a conference call for work.  Must have been a snow day or something.  She had a heck of a time finding the right number to call since it was in her email and the computer was off.  Eventually she figured it out without missing much of the call.  Not a huge deal, but it certainly was not an ideal situation. 

After that experience, I went out and got a battery backup for our computer and cable modem.  So, now I am able to keep working while the power is out.  I am pretty sure this is the first time we have tested the battery backup.  Good news ... apparently I got everything plugged into the right spots!

I tried some mead last night.  It was horrible.  Yes, I brewed it.  I do not know if I am just not a fan of mead, or if I just screwed it up.  My guess was a combination of the two.  Oh well, I wasn't expecting much out of it, anyway.

Well, I will shut down the computer now.  I am not sure how much life the battery has in it.

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