Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A New way to spam?

So, I don't know if y'all noticed a couple of weeks ago, but this blog had a few posts about windows 7 and Viagra. Maybe one or two more advertisement type posts.

I did not post those.

Someone out there (maybe several someones) figured out the email address I use for posting blog posts. When I post a blog from my phone, that is how I do it: I simply send an email to my "super secret" email address and some sort of BlogSpot program takes my email and attachments and makes a blog post out of it. It is a real cool feature of BlogSpot. One of the many reasons I am blown away about all the free stuff Google provides.

But, since someone (or several someones) figured out how to spam my super secret email address, total strangers could post to my blog. So far, they have not posted anything I wanted on my blog.

To "fix" the problem, I changed my settings to put those emails into a draft status instead of posting immediately. After that, I got a couple of "draft" spams, and then, it seemed that they had given up on my blogspot email address. However, after I sent a draft post about Tyler's science fair, I got a bunch more in my draft area of my blog. I do not know if these evil spammers were able to monitor my email or if was just a coincidence that there was a period of non-activity before I used the feature again.

I searched the blogspot help to see if this is a common issue (hopefully with a solution) and found one post about it from back in September which was never answered.

So, I'm going to leave my setting to keep my emails in draft and have to manually post them. I will probably change my posting email address too. Obviously, letting those emails get posted automatically is probably not a good idea. I certainly don't want to risk the Viagra posts coming up on my blog again. At some point I may just disable the email feature completely, although I hate to let those spammers have that much control over my life.

Spammers really suck.

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