Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2nd Quarter Stats

Well ... here it is, the end of another quarter for the SheppyBrew Nano Brewery.  At the end of March, I published some of my brewing statistics for the 1st quarter of 2010.  Here is a quick run-down of how things are going after the 2nd quarter:
  • 2010:  I have mixed 18 batches of beer.  I am still on pace for 36 batches this year.  (should be around 81 gallons)
    In 2009, I brewed 29 batches of beer.

  • 2010:  I have brewed 15 different recipes.  9 of these are brand new to 2010.
    2009:  I had 18 completely different recipes.

  • 2010:  I've done 1 lager.  It was a success, and I will be doing another one which I will probably start in August.  It is going to be an Oktoberfest lager.  I'm going to call it Rocktoberfest II.
    2009:  All my beers were ales.

  • 2010:  All my beers so far have still been Sheppy Brew recipes.
    2009:  26 were Sheppy Brew recipes.

  • 2010:  100% (so far) have been good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic.
    2009:  93% were been good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic.

  • 2010:  9 batches have been partial mashes.
    2009:  I did 3 partial mashes.

  • 2010:  13 batches have had no Mr. Beer ingredients.
    2009:  6 batches had no Mr. Beer ingredients.
One thing I have started doing is replacing Mr. Beer recipes with recipes that I came up with on my own.   Whisky Wife Wheat was a beer I made in 2009, and replaced it recently with Whisky Wife Wheat II.  And, currently both in the fermenters are both Dragon Spit Brown Ale (which was a favorite of mine in 2009) and Dragon Spit Brown Ale II.  I also formulated a new version of Tommy Hawk APA without any Mr. Beer ingredients, which I enjoyed quite a bit during the BlackHawks' quest for the Stanley Cup this year.  I still have quite a few Mr. Beer HME / UME combos that I will try to brew up next to Sheppy Brew originals so that I can compare the results side-by-side.

The Beer Model has a new favorite:  Buckwheat's BPA, which is probably going to have to be brewed up very often to keep up with demand.  I'm not sure why Tracy likes it so much.  It really is more of something I would think I would like (which I do).  Usually, if Tracy really likes a beer, I think it is good, but not great.  This is a rare beer that we both think is great.  I've already brewed this up twice in 2010.  It is probably the only beer I've ever made exactly the same twice without any tweaking of the recipe.

I also have a new favorite.  Well, I guess I have a couple of new favorites:  Quarter Life Crisis and Stone Soup IDA are both wonderfully extremely hoppy creations that have the malty backbones to combine into real beer-lovers' treats.  These were both beers that were brewed in the first quarter, although I did not taste Stone Soup IDA until April.  I've done Quarter Life Crisis twice so far this year, and will probably do another Stone Soup IDA soon.

Yes, I do realize that none of this is very interesting to very many people out there, but it does interest me.  It is fun to look back and remember what I have done.  Anyway, that is all for now.  I'll keep you posted on what is going on in the Sheppy Brew Nano Brewery (even if you don't care).

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