Friday, December 23, 2011

Mayor of SheppyBrew Brewery

So, remember I told you I had joined foursquare and decided I was making it my mission to become the mayor of something? I mentioned that the health club I go to is probably the best bet (see Running for Mayor @BallyFitness). Just so you know, I am totally on track to become mayor of my Bally Total Fitness club. I've checked into Bally 6 times in 8 days, so I'm on pace to overtake the current mayor easily in the next 60 days as he is averaging one check-in every two days (30 check-ins in a 60 day period). If my calculations are correct, and if I maintain this pace, I will get to 30 check-ins in about 32 days from today.

Turns out that I was forgetting someplace I go even more ... SheppyBrew Brewery.

Interesting story ... I noticed that my virtual buddy Scott (remember Scott from SNB Brewing Blog?) was checking in on untappd to the SNB Brewery. SNB Brewery is to Scott as SheppyBrew Brewery is to Shep. SNB Brewery is what he calls his house in context of his home-brewing. Just like me, he is a "real" brewer in his own mind.

So, that observation made me realize that I could add my own venue to untappd (which I suspected was by doing it through foursquare). And, yes, I added SheppyBrew Brewery to foursquare and checked in.

Ok, so maybe "interesting" is a bit of an exaggeration.

But, now, I am the person in the last 60 days who has checked-in to the SheppyBrew Brewery the most, which by definition makes me the MAYOR OF SHEPPYBREW BREWERY!

Impressed, aren't you? Bow down before me, minions!

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