Monday, December 19, 2011

Wandering through Golden

Connor and I visited Golden, CO on Saturday.We just sort of wandered around through the down-town area. Here are some pictures.

Right in the down-town area of Golden is the Clear Creek History Park. The park consists of a bunch of old-time buildings representing what life would have been like in the old gold-rush days. It is sort of fun to walk around and look at the buildings.

In front of the school-house.

The creek had lots of ice and snow on it. We could walk out into the middle in some places.

Standing on Clear Creek.
There was a Christmas parade on Saturday.

Santa on his Motorcycle.
We had lunch at the Old Capital Grill. Connor likes this place because the kids' meals include an ice cream cone.
Connor's favorite part of Golden.

Looking over the Creek.

This used to be a huge tree.
It was a nice fun relaxing time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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