Thursday, December 01, 2011

November Blogging

I am shocked to report that November on this blog broke its "page view" record. This is the seventh month in a row of record breaking "page views" on this blog. After Thanksgiving weekend, I was sure that this month had no chance of getting its page views above October's, but these past few days showed pretty strong.

I am certain that December can't break this record. There is no way it can happen.

What have people been reading? This month, the most viewed posts on this blog have been:

  1. Pre-event #GABF Post (Sep 29, 2011)
    Of all my GABF Posts, I would think this would be the least likely to maintain interest, but I guess I would be wrong about that.
  2. More Beer Motivation (Nov 4, 2011)
    Those humorous motivational posters that amuse me so much.
  3. Women and Beer (Jul 23, 2011)
    This is also the #2 most popular post all-time on this blog. People like women. People like beer.
  4. Still More Beer Motivation (Nov 18, 2011)
    Those humorous motivational posters that amuse me so much.
  5. Beer Flowcharts (Nov 11, 2011)
    More beer-related humor.
  6. Visual Explanation of Women (Sep 9, 2011)
    #4 most viewed post all-time on this blog.

  7. 100 Gallons of Beer (Nov 16, 2011)
    Talking about the ridiculous amount of beer home-brewers make (and drink).
  8. Black Friday Beer Humor (Nov 25, 2011)
    Newest of the Friday humor series.
  9. Happy #StoutDay (Nov 3, 2011)
    My contribution to the craziness that was #StoutDay.
  10. Arrogant Bastard tidbit (Nov 2, 2011)
    Just the most recent in my series on Stone's Arrogant Bastard.

Every one of these posts is about beer. I guess my readers like to read about beer.

Thank you all for reading. Please leave comments, though.

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