Friday, February 10, 2012

Beervertising and Snow Sculptures

Remember that back in May I posted 5 youtube videos by Breckenridge Brewery? The "Truth in Beervertising" videos are funny commercials making fun of some of the advertising concepts of big beer companies.

If you don't remember, check them out.

Recently, Breckenridge Brewery posted 2 new to the series:

"The Least Interesting Man in the World" pokes fun at a popular series of  Dos Equis commercials. I do think the Most Interesting Man in the World is pretty amusing. Bob does a great job playing his role in this little parody. This is probably my least favorite of BB's commercials. It is still clever, though.

"Find your Couch" makes fun of another Mexican Light Lager and its "Find your Beach" series. Personally, I associate myself more with Bob than I do with the Corona actors. It isn't just that he switches to a football game. I also much prefer the beer that he is drinking. Corona is a beer that I really don't like much.


Speaking of Breckenridge Brewery, this past weekend was my birthday, and my wonderful wife and children decided to treat me to a trip to Breckenridge for the weekend. One of the things we got to do was check out the International Snow Sculpture Championship sculpture. This is something we try to do every year, and it is always fun and interesting. (see also Snow Sculptures).

This was not part of the competition, but was really cool. It is a staircase made out of snow. Very popular with kids and adults alike.

We were able to walk across the Blue River. You can see Mommy in the back still taking the old-fashioned bridge across.

A little snow maze that the kids liked. Also not part of the competition. 

Team Alaska's "The Deadliest Catch: Calamari’s Revenge" was the "Kids' Choice" winner. It was also the favorite of my kids. To be honest, it was my favorite as well. It is a sculpture of a giant squid attacking a boat. If you've seen the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, it is like the Kraken. 

This was Team USA / Wisconsin's "AI" and is based on Japanese lore. According to Japanese legend, if a koi fi sh succeeds in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate, it would be transformed into a dragon. It is one that we all liked. It did not win a prize in the competition, though.

Another one I liked was "First Catch" by Team Greece - USA / Idaho. During the first fishing lesson, a young Grizzly Bear shows his aptitude
while visiting Greek waters.

This was the blue ribbon winner. "Great Expectations" by Team Canada / Quebec is a sculpture of a guy ice fishing. Below there are all kinds of sea animals including a whale swimming around. Very artsy and very cool. In addition to first place, it also won both the artist's and people's choice awards

Another shot of one of the things the kids could play on.

Budweiser sponsored this event. This is a huge beer stein with a Clydesdale horse head on it. Pretty cool as well. Also not part of the competition.

It was a wonderful birthday weekend. I am lucky to have such a wonder wife and great kids who took me up for the weekend.


and ... just because I saw this and think it is funny (I must admit ... it made me LOL), here is a link to a video called "Sh*t people from Denver say". If you know people from Denver, you might find it amusing as well. I got it from Denver Westword, but you might find it elsewhere as well.
Sh*t People From Denver Say from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for posting your pics so I can enjoy the sculptures vicariously. The snow sculpture portion of our winter carnival was canceled this year due to warm temps and lack of snow. Very sad. They did hold the ice sculpture competition--I'll have to see if anyone got any good pics.