Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mayor @BallyFitness

Bow before me fitness minions!

Remember, I made it my mission to become the foursquare mayor at my health club? (see Running for Mayor @BallyFitness)

After 60 days, I was still 1 day away from becoming the mayor. Back in December when I started the quest, the target was 30 times in 60 days, but the mayor I was chasing must have stepped up his game. I had checked in 37 days, and was still a day away. Bummer. I should have forced myself to get there more of those early mornings when I stayed in bed.

Since joining foursquare, I have become mayor of the SheppBrew brewery (no competition), my workplace (very little competition), and my church (fair competition), but my crowning accomplishment was going to be to capture the mayorship of Bally Total Fitness. Imagine my disappointment in my failure.

I failed. I suck.

But, WAIT! I went in on day 61, checked in and forcibly ousted former mayor Marty. I am now the all-powerful ruler of my Bally Total Fitness!

I have a feeling that keeping the mayorship will be tough. I need to keep-up and maybe redouble my efforts. I would not be surprised if Marty snatches it back at some point. We might go back and forth on this.

For what it is worth .. Marty is a much more experienced foursquare user than I am. He has more than 3000 more checkins than I have. He is mayor of over 30 venues.  He has a bunch more badges than me. He is a worthy opponent but I will ultimately crush him.


  1. Marty already seized back control. Bummer.

  2. And now I am mayor again. Of course, I think he'll regain control tonight.