Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Echo Lake Summer Pictures

This past weekend, we went up to Echo Lake to escape the Denver heat and wander around a bit.

I've posted pictures of my family around Echo Lake a few times on this blog. As far as I remember, the only other pictures have been during the winter (like this and this)

Here are some summer pictures for your enjoyment:

The kids in front of the lake

Lots of Dragon flies around. This one landed on my oldest son.

The boys.

On our little hike

The boys again

My youngest

Nice view

Taking a nap on a rock

By a shelter.

We spent a long time watching these little fish in the shallows of the lake. Every once and awhile we tried to catch them with our hands, but the fish are too smart for that.

After the lake, we went down to Tommyknocker brewery where the parents had beer and the kids each had a milkshake.

Then we returned to the oppressive heat of the Denver Metro Area.

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