Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Minor SheppyBrew updates

I didn't brew this past weekend. Last week I thought I would like to, but as you may have heard, there was something going on in Denver that kept me pretty busy.

There were some SheppyBrew related activities, though.  

Last week, I decided that my Boo Berry American Wheat did not taste enough like blueberry, so I purchased some blueberry flavoring from my local home brew shop. Sunday, I popped open the keg and added in a small amount of the flavoring. The beer is now tasting like blueberry. I think it is the right amount of blueberry.

Now, I still have most of the little bottle of blueberry flavoring I need to figure out what to do with. I still have some apricot I need to do something with also.

I gave "Gretchen" a six pack of Laser Salt Sandy Blonde Ale before the GABF weekend and another after the weekend. Her family took care of our children for the weekend as we obviously could not bring them to the festival. Sunday, I realized I had not ever taken a picture of this beer for the SheppyBrew website, so I decided to pour myself a bomber to photograph. It was a beautiful gold color and tasted delicious. The malted oats come through nicely and the Crystal and Hallertauer hops give the finish a nice earthy floral flavor and aroma. It has a pretty good body and great head retention. It is really an enjoyable beer.

Laser Salt
I also dry-hopped Eric The Awful Red Ale Sunday afternoon with 1 ounce of cascade hops. The whiff I got from the top of the fermentor already smelled very hoppy. I am really looking forward to kegging this up and drinking it.

I had some Rocktoberfest Lager Sunday while watching football. It is also a wonderful beer, and I am extremely happy with how this batch turned out. It is medium to full bodied with lots of Munich  malt flavor. Its malt sweetness is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of hop bitterness. This is exactly how I like my Oktoberfest style lagers.

Rocktoberfest Lager
I got confused after dinner and started pouring myself some Boo Berry when I had intended to get another Rocktoberfest. I realized my mistake about a fifth of the way into the mug. I decided to blend the beers one part Boo Berry to 4 parts Rocktoberfest. The result was actually pretty good.

I  used my rotisserie on my grill to grill bone-in chicken breasts for dinner. It turned out great and tasted great with my Rocktoberfest Lager.

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