Sunday, September 15, 2013

Missing Travel Bug: Guacamole

Have you seen this Travel Bug? He is missing already. If you have him, or know where he is, or even have some idea where he might be, leave a comment on this blog post. Better yet, do it on his geocache page, Guacamole.

Better yet, if you have him .... LOG HIM!

Again, the webpage on which you can leave a comment or log him is:

Guacamole is a new Travel Bug, only placed in his first cache 3 weeks ago (see Guacamole -- Have Bug. Will Travel). He was last seen in this first cache, Kids castle cache. Last weekend, since we had not seen any activity on that cache, we decided to stop by and visit him, maybe move him along to a cache that might get more traffic.

Kids castle cache was right where we left it, but Guacamole was not there. Someone took him.

I think one thing about travel bugs is that lots of geocachers do forget (or don't know they should) log that they have picked them up. But, no one had even logged a find for this cache since we dropped him off. The paper log had a couple of signatures since ours, but nothing we can follow up on.

My hope is that these paper signers just have not had the time to get to a computer to log their find and will log that they took Guacamole at the same time.

I'm not holding my breath, though. I am assuming he is missing and we'll never hear from him again. Sad that the travel bug couldn't make it past his first placement before going missing.