Saturday, September 07, 2013

Mt Rushmore Pictures

I have mentioned our family trip to South Dakota a few times on this blog. It is hard to believe that was way back in July. Can't believe it is already September. I am not sure where the summer went.

I told you that my favorite part of the trip was the Badlands National Park (see Badlands National Park Pictures). My kids' favorite part was Mt. Rushmore National Monument. My youngest boy, in particular, wanted to go see it every day. His mean parents made him wait. Every once in awhile during our other adventures, we got a view from afar, which appeased him for awhile, but the day we visited the monument was the highlight of the trip for him.

Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

Finally getting to the park and getting closer and closer to the monument was awesome. The kids were particularly excited, but Mom and Dad really liked it too.

We met up with my wife's dad and sisters as well as their families. It was great to enjoy the sites with the cousins. We don't get to see them very often and it is always fun when we do.

Our family in front of Mt. Rushmore ... I'm the big ugly guy in green:

Here is a picture of my wife, her little sisters, and their dad:

The biggest of the cousins:


My son wearing bison horns:

Getting closer. Looking up the presidents' noses:

This is my wife's youngest sister and our youngest niece, Brecken: 

Another shot of my boy and his cousins:

That day, we also went to a place called Bear Country. Lots of people had told various people in our group that this was a "must see". We thought it was overpriced and overrated. I think it was the one thing we did all week that I would not suggest to other people.

It was sort of cool to see Bears up close (from our mini-van), but certainly not worth the money.

We came back later for the lighting ceremony. Very cool.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We absolutely had a great time at Mt. Rushmore.

Go Bears!


  1. Very cool trip, love the pictures!

  2. Thanks for the share! Wonderful pictures by the way, looks like your family had a great time! My family and I are taking one of these west coast tours that takes a stop there our first day :). Besides the mount itself, are there any other MUST see things you came across while there?

  3. Well, Mike .... thanks for leaving a comment.

    My favorite part of the trip was the Badlands. It is an hour or two drive from the Black Hills, but worth it IMO (see Badlands National Park Pictures). Other than that, everything was fun, but I didn't think anything else was "must see".