Saturday, November 09, 2013

What Kind of Beer do You Like?

On my way home from work yesterday, I decided to stop by a tiny little brewery called Saint Patrick's Brewing Company. You may remember that the Beer Model and I came across them at this year's GABF Friday session. They are right on my way home from work. In fact they are right along one of the bike paths I take when I bike to work. I have never been to them because their tap room hours were pretty inconvenient for me. They just recently added Friday night, and last night I decided to stop in.

Anyway, I walked into their tiny little tasting room last night, and asked the guys behind the counter if I could try some of their beers.
"What kind of beer do you like to drink?"
If you know me at all, you probably can guess basically what my answer was.
 "Pretty much everything".
Turns out that "pretty much everything" is what they had, so that was good.

This is sort of an odd little brewery in that they hand bottle all their beer. They have no kegs. Still, the nice brewer kept popping open bottles to pour me tiny little samples. All of them were great. At some point, I'll do a proper blog post on this cool little brewery.

I could not stay long, and on my way home, it struck me .... what a stupid question the brewer had asked me.
"What kind of beer do you like to drink?"
Ummmmm ....

I thought to myself that a much better, more clever answer would have been:
Of course, it is not really a stupid question. He didn't know me at all, and those of us who generally have lots of different kinds of beer on hand ask it a lot. He had so many beers, and he was only trying to help me narrow down what to try. Honestly, I wish I had time to try them all, but I didn't.

But really, for the Promiscuous drinker that I am, it is much faster to say what kind of beers I don't like to drink.
"Those absolutely awful mass-produced low-carb beers."
Last night, I sampled a Saison, a Helles, a Hoppy Pre-Prohibition Style Lager, a Dry Stout, a Chocolate Pumpkin Lager.

I enjoyed drinking them all.

When I got home, I had a White IPA, an American IPA, and an Imperial Stout.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

I have a Blue Berry wheat on-tap in my basement.


I just rattled off 9 completely different styles of beer I've had over a couple day period, and I don't like any of them more than any of the others.

I've brewed almost every style category of the BJCP, and I've enjoyed drinking them all.

Of course, there are styles that I tend not to like as much as others, and certainly their are beers I don't like.

But really, "pretty much everything" is the type of beer I like to drink.

Blueberry Beer

Dunkle Weizen

White IPA

Sample of my Boo Berry Wheat.

Imperial Stout

"Regular" IPA

Another Imperial Stout
How about you?

"What kind of beer do you like to drink?"

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  1. I love seeing the Accumulation in there! :D

    I'm asked that question a lot, too. And I hate it! I understand that they don't know me so I brush it off, but I hate what comes out of their mouth after I reply "everything" or "I drink all beer"... maybe I'm setting myself up, or maybe they don't know any better... "Do you like IPAs?" UGH!!!

    I do enjoy them but there is so much more to beer than that... they look at me funny when I say I want to avoid that for now. My loss, I guess... right?

  2. I like the hoppiness of the Accumulation, Allen. The Belgium White Witbier flavor really compliments that flavor. Good stuff.

    I obviously agree that there is so much more than IPA. As funny as it sounds, it is easy to get bored with them since they are everywhere. I am just to slutty to drink just one type of beer

    1. I'm with you man! On all those accounts haha