Friday, January 24, 2014

9 Beers I don't Drink

There is something I feel I must clear up.

I am not Eric Shepard, executive editor at Beer Marketer's Insights.

I'm not.

He and I are different Eric Shepards.

You may remember the other Eric Shepard from my post "Eric Shepard and the King of Beers", or more likely from one of these more recent (and more popular) posts:

I got the question from facebook. I got the question from twitter. I got the question from coworkers. I even got the question from relatives. Nope, that Eric Shepard is not me. We share a name and an interest in beer. Otherwise, we are not related in any way (as far as I know).

Just for the record, I am one of the Americans who no longer drinks those 9 beers. I suppose if someone offered me one, I probably would not rudely turn it down, but I sort of doubt that will ever be the case. Heck, I didn't even know some of the beers on that list still existed.

In case you are wondering ... here is a list of beers that I don't drink.
  • Those absolutely awful mass produced low-carb beers. Seriously, if you find yourself contemplating one, just get yourself a glass of water. 
  • Anything that says "Shandy" in the title. Actually, I could see myself trying one if it is at tap at one of my local brewery and it was part of a sample flight. But, it is not something I will have more than a sample. If I want lemonade, I'll have lemonade. If I want beer, I'll order a beer thank you.
  • Dogfish Head's 120 minute IPA. If you want to know why, follow this link. Or even this one.
  • Pliny the Younger. This one is really more because I can't get it. I would love to have this beer. However, I cannot bring myself to stand in line for any beer. Since it is only available to a select few who are willing to camp overnight for the release on the first Friday of February, I am never going to get the opportunity (if you get some, feel free to prove me wrong).

  • All the other beers that you have to stand in line the night before their release to get. Again, if you have some with which you want to prove me wrong, go for it.
  • Apple Ales. Similar to the Shandy. If I want apple juice or even hard cider, I know where to get it. If I want beer, I want beer.
  • Bud Light Lime. To be honest, I don't know what it is about Bud Light Lime. I am not against lime. I am not even totally against lime in beer. I am not completely anti-Bud Light. There is just something disgusting about Bud Light Lime to me. I've tried it. I won't make that mistake again.
  • Old IPA's. There is a reason that Stone started their "Enjoy By" series. IPA's should be young and fresh. If they aren't, they are not worth the effort.
  • Budweiser. Yes, it is one of those macro-brews that craft beer fans consider evil, but that isn't really it for me. Even when I was a drinker of mass-produced light lagers, I could not drink even one Bud without ending up with a headache. I'm not sure what is it about this beer, but it just in not worth the headache.

Of course, I really have no hard-and-fast rules. Someday, I may try another of those absolutely awful mass produced low-carb beers or maybe even Bud Light Lime. And, I have nothing against the beers that I have to stand in line for ... it is the standing in line I can't stand. Heck, I may even give Bud Light Lime another try at some point. It doesn't seem fair not to give any of these beers another chance.

Anyway, if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

Go Blackhawks!

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