Monday, January 20, 2014

No More Ads

I decided to remove the Google Adsense adds from this blog.'

They didn't make me much money and some of the ones that popped up didn't seem like things I would want to support. Plus, they were a bit annoying and on some browsers some of took awhile to load.

I think some of them threw javascript errors from time to time as well.

At some point I may bring them back, but for now, this blog is free of Google Adsense advertisements.


  1. I gave up on AdSense over a year ago when some of their ads tried to somehow link back to my own blog but to unknown pages. I couldn't have that. I'm not sorry I gave them up either.

  2. Good to know, Dave. Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, so far, loading my blog seems much quicker. And, quite frankly, I think looks better without all those adsense ads. Wish I would have removed them long ago.