Friday, March 28, 2014

Drinking the Arctic Vortex Saison

It is Spring now.

About a month ago, when I brewed my Arctic Vortex Winter Saison, the weather seemed much more winter-like. It was, in fact winter. I probably should have brewed it earlier in the winter months so that I could drink it during the winter season. Oh well, something to think about for next year.

If you want to read about the brew-day, see Brewing Arctic Vortex Black Saison.

I have been drinking this beer recently, and find it truly awesome. I mean, I really like this beer. The Beer Model says she likes it too. She said to me "it doesn't taste black", which from her is a compliment.

It does look very black. There are redish-brown highlights at the "corners" when held up to the sun light. The head is thick, cream colored, and long-lasting. Lots of tiny bubbles rise up throughout the drink.

Its aroma is slightly lemony with the signature farm-house pepper and funk of a saison. There is a noticeable saaz hop aroma.

Its flavor is complex. A bit of chocolate subdues the saison farm-house flavor pushing it into the blackground. A bit of pepper tries to come out in the beginning, but quickly comes across as more tart lemony flavor. Then a deep berry flavor replaces that ... sort of reminds me of maybe a combination of blackberry and blueberry. The balance starts off tart, goes a little sweet, and finishes off dry with some significant hop spiciness.

The mouth-feel is a bit odd in that it starts off seeming much fuller bodied than the 1.006 finishing gravity would suggest. There is a brief bit of slickness in the middle and finished off with a perception of dryness.

Overall, I'm not going to lie ... I love this beer. I have never had one quite like it, and it really is a pleasure to drink. What a wonderful drinking experience! The low(ish) alcohol coupled with the wonderfulness makes me want to consume pint after pint. I can't stop at just one.

The overwhelming success of this beer pretty much guarantees that there will be more saisons using this yeast coming up this year.

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