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2014 Year-End SheppyBrew Stats

2014 has ended. SheppyBrew Brewery was pretty busy last year, although not quite as busy as the past couple of years. Since the Brewery likes to post quarterly updates on how much we have brewed, it is time for another Brew Stats post.

If you are interested, can see all these past updates (including the one you are reading right now ... and if any I do in the future) by following this link: .

Unlike the past couple of years, I did not break the 100 gallon mark for beer brewed in 2014.  This doesn't come as a surprise to you if you've been following my quarterly reports this year. I did get to approximately 90 gallons of beer for the year, though. After the second quarter, I didn't think I would get anywhere close to 90, so things really sped up in the second half of the year.

Falling Leaves Harvest Saison

In the 4th quarter, I brewed 5 batches of beer (Falling Leaves Harvest Saison, Gruntled Sour Weiße, Eric's Red AleGnaughty Gnome English Coffee Stout, T.RA.SH. Mexican Lager). This put me at 18 total batches in 2014. This was obviously down considerably from 2013's 21 batches.

That 5 batches represented about 23.4 gallons (Gruntled was a Mr. Beer-sized batch) which brought my 2014 total to about 90 gallons. My 2013 total was 107 gallons of beer.

Gruntled Sour Weiße

Of the 18 total batches of beer in 2014, only 10 were new recipes down from 14 in 2013. At the beginning of the year, I was expecting to do even fewer new recipes. 10 out of 18 is actually a pretty high percentage of new stuff.

Eric's Red Ale

T.RA.SH. Mexican Lager brought my lager total of 2014 up to 2. I brewed 3 lagers last year, thanks in a large part to the first quarter and specifically the SheppyBrew Styles project.

All 18 batches were all-grain recipes. All 21 in 2013 were all-grain. I don't know if I'll ever brew another non-all-grain batch ever again. I might just for the fun of simplicity. I guess we will see.

Gnaughty Gnome English Coffee Stout

I kegged 16 of the 18 batches in 2014. Only my 2014 X-Mas Ale and were Gruntled Sour Weiße not kegged.

Unlike 2013, I didn't enter any competitions in 2014. For awhile I was thinking of entering in the Big Beers and Barleywine competition, but I got lazy at exactly the wrong time to get anything in. I think that is for the best because I tried some of the Schnockered to Comfortably Numb bottles that I would have entered only to discover they were flat.

T.RA.SH. Mexican Lager

2015 started out strong. I brewed Arctic Vortex Winter Saison on the 1st. I'm not sure what 2015 will look like brewing-wise. I don't think I'll break the 100 gallon mark this year. I think I am retired from competitions. There are a few beers I want to re-brew. The new BJCP Style Guideline is supposed to be "live" this year, which means I may want to brew some of the "new" categories.

Who knows?

First Brew Day of 2015

Not me.

Have a happy and healthy New Year Everybody.

Go Blackhawks!

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