Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Falling Leaves Autumn Saison

This past Sunday, I brewed my Falling Leaves Autumn Saison.

Falling Leaves is, of course, the Autumn version of my Seasonal Saisons series of beers.

The 2016 recipe is exactly like last years, except last year I did a protein rest in the mash whereas this year I didn't.

The SheppyBrew Autumn Saison is designed to be darker in color than the Spring and Summer Saisons, but not as dark as the black Winter Saison.

It gets most of its color from a Dark Munich malt from Gambrinus Malting Corporation. The malt flavor is heavily Munich breadiness, but it does have the distinct French Saison taste from the yeast and lots of late Saaz hops.

It finishes fairly dry, but not as dry as my other Saisons.

It is a delicious beer.

Brew day went pretty well. The mash temperature was about perfect at 145. I let it go for a couple of hours while I went to church.

I did forget to add gypsum to the mash, so I added to the boil instead.

The OG was right where I wanted it. I pitched at about 62 degrees.

I had a pretty decent sized yeast starter, and the fermentation was going really strong the next morning.

Great brew day. I can't wait to drink it.

The Chicago Bears got killed Sunday night. Man they suck this year. Can't wait for hockey season to begin.

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