Monday, September 05, 2016

Mt Evans Photos

Saturday, the Sheppy boys and I drove up the Mt. Evans highway.

Here are some pictures from the adventure ...

If you've ever been to the top of Mt. Evans, you know that you can drive most of the way. We did ...

Once we got to the top, the views were spectacular.

The pictures certainly don't do the experience justice. But, they do still look pretty cool.

You are so high and can see for so many miles. It is just amazing.

After a few minutes, Connor pointed over towards the west towards some rocky peaks, and said, "I wish we could go there".

"We have all day if you want to, it isn't an easy hike, but we can take it slow," I said.

"Are we allowed to?"


And so we hiked / climbed off away from the popular Mt. Evans Peak. Away from the crowds.

Sort of a little adventure.

The boys were certainly excited.

And, it was pretty cool. Much more cool than staying where all the other people were.

I'm glad the kids wanted to do that. It was fun.

Luckily, I had packed two full water bottles. Overkill for just hiking to the top of Mt. Evans, but we needed it for the extended hike.

And the views from up there were just as amazing.

Again, I apologize that my photographic equipment / talent doesn't come close to showing how awesome it was.

We were able to see tiny little people on the top of Mt. Bierstadt.

And tiny people on the top of Mt. Evans.

And we were alone on top of the world.

We even came across some wild life.

After our adventure on the peaks, we drove down to Summit Lake for a little picnic.

It is a gorgeous lake. Again, the pictures don't do it justice.

On the way out, we visited the Mt. Goliath Natural Area and saw the bristlecone pine trees. Some of these trees are over 1,600 years old.

There you go ... that is what we did Saturday.

Go Bears.

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