Monday, November 14, 2016

N is for New Terrain Brewing Company

It has been a little over a month since I posted M is for Mockery Brewing Company.

It is time for another post in my A to Z Denver Breweries series.

In case you don't know ...

Back in early 2015, I composed a list Denver Breweries that I had not visited (see Denver Breweries II). As I was composing the list, I realized that most of the letters in the alphabet were covered by the first letters in these brewery names.

I started with A ... A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company

The most recent one was M ... M is for Mockery Brewing Company.

There are 9 in between which you can review by looking at Sheppy's Blog: A to Z.

If you know your alphabet (or read the title) you probably can figure out that the letter N is up next.

New Terrain didn't even exist when I put together the list on Denver Breweries II.

I love this location. It was a little out-of-the-way, but well worth the effort to find it.

It is nestled in the "wilderness" of Golden Colorado. Very close to some popular Mountain Biking trails by North Table Mountain Park. In fact, there were a bunch of bikers in the brewery when the Beer Model and I went on a sunny November Sunday.

The address is

16401 Table Mountain Parkway, Golden CO

From their website:
A culture of curious & distinct individuals dedicated to the science & craft of small batch, high quality, creative beers.  Our motto is not "this is how it is done" but rather, "what if we try this way?" It inspires us to create, to innovate, and to explore new terrain.

I think this is my new favorite location of all the  A to Z Denver Breweries so far.

They had a great selection of beers. The SheppyBrew Beer Model and I got two flights of 5.

We had:

  • Cruise Ride ... This was a good Cream Ale. I thought it had a really good malt flavor considering the style. 
  • Suntrip ... A very nice Witbier ... especially if you like the style. My wife really liked it.
  • Freestyle ... Awesome session Saison. I could drink this all-day if there were not so many other great beers to try.
  • Abound ... American Brown with Bittersweet Cacao. Delicious.
  • Hoppatropica ... Tropical Pale Ale with lots of Mango & Citrus. Favorite. The one I got a pint of.
  • Anasazi ... Yummy Red IPA 
  • LOST ... Colorado IPA not sure what that means, but it was Fruity & Dank and delicious.
  • Galloping Gose ... Tart & Fresh. Not overpowering. My second favorite of the flight.
  • Punky Masala ...Pumpkin Spice beer. My least favorite, but the Beer Model really liked it.

All these beer were fantastic.

The atmosphere was great and it was a really great time. I wish we could have stayed longer.

The brewery doesn't serve food, but there was a food truck and according to the website, they have one every day.

I love this place. It is my new favorite Golden brewery.

And now ... next up is the letter "O".

I have a don't have a brewery in mind, so fell free to leave suggestions in the comments below.

As always, you can find out what I pick for "N" (and the rest of the alphabet) by bookmarking "Sheppy's Blog: A to Z".

Go Bears!

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