Saturday, December 10, 2016

Random Hiking Pictures

Well ... recently, this blog has been dominated by the A to Z Series of Denver Breweries.

I thought you'd like a break from that. I also thought I should demonstrate that I do more than to do breweries and drink ...

Here are some recent pictures from various hikes ...

Enjoy ...

There you go.

See? I don't just go to breweries and drink beer.

Go Blackhawks!


  1.'re not actually in any of these pictures, so I'm not convinced you were even there. You definitely could have been drinking beer in a brewery when these were taken.

  2. Yes. I guess you're right.
    But then ... who would have taken the pictures?

    1. Random strangers? or elk? I'm sure your lovely wife and brilliant children could have rigged something up.

    2. Elk don't take pictures ... their hooves are not nimble enough to press the button.

    3. I'm sure they take their pictures via bluetooth technology. Because that's totally a thing in the world of elk.