Thursday, December 15, 2016

S is for Spangalang Brewery

It is time for another post in my A to Z Denver Breweries series.

In case you don't know ...

Back in early 2015, I composed a list Denver Breweries that I had not visited (see Denver Breweries II). As I was composing the list, I realized that most of the letters in the alphabet were covered by the first letters in these brewery names.

I started with A ... A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company

If I counted right, there are currently a total of  18, all of which you can review by looking at Sheppy's Blog: A to Z.

The most recent one was R ... R is for Ratio Beer Works.

If you know your alphabet (or read the title) you probably can figure out that the letter S is up next.

... And I picked another "River North" Brewery.

From the Spangalang website:
"At Spangalang Brewery our mission is to provide Five Points and its visitors with some of the freshest, best tasting beer they’ve ever had. We’re proud of what we do, that’s why we’ll never serve anything less than our best. Come join us!"

It is located at 2736 Welton Street in the Five Points area of Denver.

When I came in ... I saw this:

To be honest, I didn't spend a whole lot of time here. I only had two beers.

  • SugarFoot: A "Belgian style table beer". Very tasty and perfect amount of alcohol for me at the time (3.5%). Easy drinking. This beer won a gold medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival and a bronze at the 2016 World Beer Cup.
  • Beatrice Saison: Classic saison has notes of clove, spice and lemon with a moderate bitterness that makes it very crisp and refreshing.Yes. I like this Saison. Simple but elegant. And delicious.

I enjoyed both beers. I wish I could have done my usual flight, but I just didn't have time. I'll have to come back.

They also have food available in the building by following signs down a hall to a little food stand like area. I was not clear if this is a place sort of like the classic food-truck where multiple vendors come from time to time, or if these cooks were more permanent than that.

I had bacon-wrapped Jalapeno poppers, which were delicious. Again, right what I needed at the time.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, so there were not a whole lot of people in the place.

I assume it is busier at more peak times.

Again, as I mentioned before, there are a lot of breweries in this general area, so keep that in mind if you plan a visit.

It was a nice little neighbor brewery and tasting room.

That is it for S is for Spangalang Brewery.

Next up for me is "T". I don't have a brewery picked out yet, although I am pretty sure what I will pick.

As always, keep your eye on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z ... it should be busy in the next few weeks.
Thanks for reading. Leave comments.

Go Blackhawks.

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