Thursday, July 05, 2018

2018 Hail Storm Summer Saison

Summer time. Hooray for summer. It is going too fast.

Of course, with the change of seasons, I am required to make another Seasonal Saison.

Hail Storm Summer Saison to be more precise. Yum.

Yes ... Sunday, I brewed my Summer Saison.

If you follow my brewing patterns on this blog or social media, you probably have realized that I brew at least four Saisons a year. One for every season (saison is French for season). I call them my Seasonal Saison Series.

The Summer Saison is fairly light in color. Golden to light orange. It is designed to be around 5.5 to 6% ABV. It is fairly hoppy with Tettnang hops, but not at all bitter. Like most of my Seasonal Saisons, I use WY3711 French Saison (The Real Super Yeast).


I started Saturday morning by making a yeast starter.

I was up real early Sunday morning to get started. The brew day started in the dark.

The mash temperature started out high, but I got it back down into the 140's quickly.

The sun was up when I started to collect the wort. I almost forgot the first wort hops, but don't worry. I got them in there.

The pre-boil gravity was almost right on plan.

The boil went very smoothly.

I was actually collecting wort in the fermentor before 8:30 AM. Pretty much a 5 hour brew day (you can do the math to figure how ridiculously early I got started)

The fermentation was rocking and rolling by early afternoon.

After the brew day, I had to make some of my Smoked Mac & Cheese for a cookout / potluck in the afternoon.

It was a big hit.

Fermenation has been going great. The fermentor is on our main floor rather than the regular fermentation room in the basement so that the fermentation temperature would be higher.

I can't wait to start drinking this Summer Saison.

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Go Rockies!

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