Monday, August 06, 2018

Brewing Near-Sighted Swine IPA

I don't make a lot of IPA's, but the other day I started thinking I really should get one brewed.

Quite awhile ago I brewed an IPA that I really enjoyed, named Near-Sighted Swine IPA. Rather than come up with a new recipe, I decided to use this one.

I did update the hops a little. But, it is essentially the same recipe as it was back then.

Last Sunday (not this past Sunday ... the one before), I brewed the beer.

I started the brew day somewhat late for me ... after the sun was up ... around 6AM or so.

The skies looked like rain, but I started on the back patio.

About the time that the mash was done, I felt a bit of rain hit me from the skies and I made the decision to move the garage.

After that, the clouds went away, no more rain fell. I didn't need to move to the garage ... but oh well.

This recipe calls for only .25 ounce bittering / first wort hops. The rest are late-additions and "whirl pool" hops.

The Mash went well. My pre-boil gravity was a bit low, but I ended up re-starting the boil timer about 20 minutes in.

The boil additions went as planned. The "whirl pool" hops steeped as needed.

I pitched a bit warm, but by the time activity started, the temperature was in the mid-60's.

The wort is rocking now.

The aroma through the airlock is wondrous. Yum!

After brew day was done, I also made my world famous Smoked Mac and Cheese recipe.

Of course, I had to include bacon.

Made the rue on the gas grill in my cast iron pan.

I modified the recipe a bit ... add in 2 cups milk before putting on the smoker.

It cooked up real nice. The wife loved it. The kids loved it. I loved it.


The beer has been fermenting for a week now. I'll be dry-hopping today or tomorrow. I will probably keg this before the end of the week.

Anyway ...

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Go Rockies!

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