Monday, July 08, 2019

Wrapping up #GCCUSA2019

Well, I finished up my 2019 Great Cycle Challenge.

The GCC is continuing to track miles and let us fund-raise well into July, so this number might change, but as I write this post, I've raised $2,046.79 this year. My best year so far.

As you know if you've followed me on this blog or on facebook or on instagram or on twitter). I pledged to ride 1000 miles this year.

This is more than I've ever ridden in a month, and as I've mentioned multiple times, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get it done.

But, as it turns out, I'm proud to say not only was I able to ride 1000 miles by the end of June, but it really was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Most of my miles were done on my new "gravel bike". However, I did count some miles on an indoor stationary bike.

If my math is correct, I did 144 of the 1012 miles inside. Since the GCC continued to track miles, I made it my goal to do at least 144 miles outside during the first week of July.

I did it. As of this morning, my total is 1,185. The number continues to go up. If you want to see my current total check out

While you're there, if you want, feel free to add a donation.

To be completely honest, the ridiculous number of miles on the bike isn't the part of the challenge that ever strikes me as the most difficult part.

To me, the hardest part of this whole thing is asking for money. Luckily, I have been blessed with incredibly generous friends, family, and coworkers.

If you are one of those people who donated ... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I so appreciate the help.

And also, even if you were not someone who donated ... thank you to everyone on facebook etc ... who put up with all my GCCUSA posts this year without complaining. I can imagine it got pretty annoying.

And so, it was another extremely successful Great Cycle Challenge for me.

Overall, the Challenge rose over $8,371,521 (as I type this post, that is the total. It will go up as more donations come in).

I'm done nagging about this until next year. See you then.

Go Rockies.

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