Friday, September 13, 2019

Another Overnight Pork Butt

Soooooo ... Remember back in May, I did an Overnight Cook on my Weber Kettle using the snake method.

Set up charcoal around the perimeter of the kettle in a "snake", light up one end, and let it burn. The burning coals will light unlit coals slowly until they are all burned out.

I was able to get over 12 hours of fairly consistent heat this way. Perfect for allowing myself to get sleep while performing a long smoke.

Last weekend, I used this technique again. This time, I wasn't shooting for lunch time, but wanted to be done early afternoon so I could let it sit until dinner while actually doing things on Sunday afternoon.

Pork shoulder again.

So, I set up the snake the day before, and got up early in the morning to get started.

Like ... really early.

Really really early. Ok ... some of those of you who do a lot of smoking might not consider 2:30 AM that early ... but I do.

So, I got up a little before 2:30 and put the rub on the butt and light coals etc ...

Around 2:45, the meat was on the grill. It took almost an hour of slowly opening vents before the kettle temperature was at 220ish. After that, I let it go.

And slept.

I was up at 5:00 to see the temperature at 276. At that point the internal temperature of the meat was 87. Still a long way to go.

I closed vents a bit, and got to about 250 cooking temperature. Every once and awhile, I sprayed kombucha on the meat. For the most part, I just let it cook.

Temps ranged from around 240 to almost 280. Not too bad.

A little after 9:30, the internal temperature was 167 and I decided to wrap the pork shoulder.

At that point I also added more charcoal because I was close to the end of my "snake".

And then, I just let it go.

186 at 10:30

202 at 12 noon.

Sometime before 1 pm I probed the butt for tenderness and decided it was done.

I had it in a cooler wrapped in a towel by 1.

It sat until dinner time around 6pm.

It was still hot. It was awesome. Tender. Juicy. Delicious. I think this was my best port butt so far.


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Go Bears!

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