Thursday, January 07, 2021

2021 Rib Roast

The last couple of year, I smoked Ribeye Roast for Christmas meals.

This year, I bought a ribeye roast for Christmas while they were on sale at my grocery store.

But, my wife and children said they wanted ham.

So, I froze the ribeye roast and got it thawed for New Year's weekend.

On Friday the 1st, the roast was thawed and I pulled it out of the package.

I applied Montreal Steak Seasoning to the outside and then let it sit in the fridge overnight.

After a bike ride on Saturday, the 2nd, I got my kettle ready with charcoal and hickory wood.

I let the roast smoke between 250 and 280 for a few hours until the thermometer read 133ish.

Then, I charred each side a couple of minutes over direct coals, and brought the meat in for a 15 minute rest. 

The roast turned out perfect. Nice and pink inside with a great flavorful crust on the outside. 

Made for great sandwiches, and great on its own. 

So much yummyier than ham.

We even have some left over for lunches this week.

Happy New Year everyone!

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