Sunday, February 28, 2021

More Spare Ribs on the Kettle

I smoked some spare ribs on my Weber Kettle last Saturday.

Last time I posted about spare ribs, I mentioned that I haven't really figured out how to best fit them on the kettle.

I think I've settled on trimming them to square them up (what some people call St. Louis Style).

But then, I add the extra pieces on as well.

Last Saturday I tried doing a (sort of) snake method over half the kettle and placing the two racks on the indirect heat half of the kettle.

I think I like this setup more than other things I've tried.

I may have found my preferred set up for spare ribs on my Weber Kettle. Or maybe I'll try something different next time. 

Who really knows.

I gave myself 5 or so hours for cooking at 275ish.

The first 3.5 hours I let the ribs cook unwrapped. I rotated the two racks so they would cook a bit more evenly every 45 minutes or so.

I sprayed them a couple times with kumbucha. 

When I thought they looked the color I wanted, I wrapped them with butter and honey for about an hour or so.

Then I unwrapped them and covered them in bbq sauce. Half an hour to 45 minutes they were ready to eat.

And we ate them. 

Two racks of ribs allows for everyone in the family to get more than enough with leftovers.

And I love eating left over BBQ Ribs for lunch during the week.

Yummy. They turned out great.

Stay tuned. You might see more pictures of spare ribs on this blog.

Stay healthy everyone. Go Blackhawks.

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