Saturday, November 13, 2021

Mr. Awesome vs. Mountain Time

As you may remember if you follow this blog ... not too long ago I brewed Mr. Awesome Merican Lager (Batch 300).

This is my first recipe that I've called an American Lager style of beer. 

I was inspired by New Belgium's Mountain Time Premium Lager, which has become a favorite local commercial beer for the Beer Model and myself over the summer.

I kegged a couple of weeks ago. I added gelatin a couple days later, and it has been carbonating since then.

I poured some a couple days ago and noticed its carbonation and clarity was about perfect. Not to mention it was delicious.

I had some Mountain Time in the fridge and thought it would be fun to compare the two beers.

So, I did.

Both beers are great.

The ABV are pretty close. Mr. Awesome is 4.7% and Mountain Time is 4.4%. Both are what I would consider low-alcohol beers.

The clarity and color is almost exact. If anything, the Mr. Awesome is slightly more clear. I think this is the most pale colored beer I've ever brewed.

The malt flavor of both beers seems about the same. Both beers are lager-clean, but the Mountain Time has a fermentation character that I associate with mass-produced BMC lagers. This character isn't in Mr. Awesome.

Both beers use the same hops, but Mr. Awesome's hop aroma and flavor is certainly stronger. The bitterness is about the same in both beers.

Mr. Awesome's head is thicker and longer lasting.

I am almost certain that I would be able to pick the odd beer in a triangle test. They are certainly different beers.

When it comes right down to it, I love both beers, but prefer my Mr. Awesome Merican Lager.

I don't think this beer will last very long.

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Go Bears!

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