Saturday, September 16, 2023

Roll-a-Style 9 ... Historical Beer: Kentucky Common

After pretending to Roll-a-Style 9 ... Hazy IPA ... I actually did roll the Online 20 sided die 

I rolled: 

On my Roll-a-Style list, 18 corresponded to Style 27A. Historical Beer: Kentucky Common.

Kentucky Common is:

An American original, Kentucky Common was almost exclusively produced and sold around Louisville, Kentucky from some time after the Civil War until Prohibition. It was inexpensive and quickly produced, racked into barrels while actively fermenting, and tightly bunged to allow carbonation in the saloon cellar. Before the style died, it accounted for about 75% of sales around Louisville.

Some have speculated it was a dark variant of Cream Ale, created by immigrant Germanic brewers who added darker grains to help acidity the local carbonate water.

According to untappd, I've had a few Kentucky Commons, ranging from "meh" to something I really enjoyed.

I don't really remember ... I'm getting that from my ratings / comments in untappd.

I vaguely remember listening to one of my homebrewing podcasts that discussed Kentucky Common, and thinking that corn grits and rye would be good ingredients in it.

I don't remember why exactly, but it seems reasonable.

The recipe I came up with is:

Humdinger of a Hootenanny

At this point, I have no idea when I'll brew it. Stay tuned on this blog, and you'll probably find out.

My new Roll-a-Style list is:

NumberBeer Style
13A. Czech Pale Lager
23C. Czech Amber Lager
35A. German Leichtbier
49C. Baltic Porter
510C. Weizenbock
612C. English IPA
713B. British Brown Ale
814A. Scottish Light
926D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
10Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
1114C. Scottish Export
1215C. Irish Extra Stout
1328C. Wild Specialty Beer (sort of)
1416A. Sweet Stout
1516C. Tropical Stout
1626C. Belgian Tripel
1716D. Foreign Extra Stout
1833A. Wood-Aged Beer
1917C. Wee Heavy
2020A. American Porter

My "Bench" now includes:

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