Thursday, September 28, 2023

2023 #GABF Saturday Photos

I posted 2023 #GABF Friday Photos just a couple days ago.

As I mentioned, I took a break from my Great Cycle Challenge for the weekend to attend both the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions. 

Sunday was a rest day.

As I post this, I have actually finished up my #1000MileSeptember, so I was fine taking that break.

The Saturday afternoon "Brewers Only" session has always been my favorite session.

It was interesting have family attend with us.

Anyway ... here are some photos from Saturday night ...

As usual, I got my official GABF hat. This year, it helped the people I was with keep track of me in the crowd.

As always, the bag pipes were playing.

One cool brewery I discovered this year was Deep Draft Brewing, which is located within walking distance of where I lived in Bremerton (actually Gorst) Washington as a grade-school child.

The owner / brewer there was actually nice enough to give me a tee shirt. Now, I'd really like to head back to the area and check it out.

Sometimes I do a better job than other times keeping track of beers I drank. This year, was not one of the years where I did a good job.

I actually came across I non-alcohol beer that I didn't hate at a booth called Gruvi. I don't think I liked it enough to drink over water when I don't want alcohol, but at least I didn't absolutely hate the "beers" at this booth.

I remember thinking that one of the Oktoberfest beers I had on Saturday was fantastic, but I didn't write down which one it was.

There was a coffee sour beer at Odell, that struck me as surprisingly awesome. After looking it up, it turns out that I had it last year.

Maybe next year I'll do a better job keeping track.

A couple of the family members tried out the Silent Disco. Not for me, but my brother and sister-in-law seemed to really like it.

Fun stuff. The family is already talking about doing it again next year ... but we'll see... 

If you are interested in reading about previous (or future) years GABF ... see Sheppy's Blog: GABF

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