Tuesday, April 30, 2024

KFC Thighs Again

I made dinner last Wednesday.

I was planning on cooking chicken thighs, and at some point during the day, I was looking through this blog and came across my KFC posts.

I grill / smoke chicken thighs quite often, but I don't think I'd made KFC in almost two years.

Since it had been awhile, I decided to give it a try again.

I went with a pretty simple KFC coating this time. I oiled the thighs up, put a few tablespoons of Progresso Italian Style Bread Crumbs into a plastic bag, added some random spices, and shook the thighs in the mixture.

I used the fake Vortex on the Kettle to get the grill up over 350 degrees, and added apple wood chunks.

I let the chicken cook for about 20 or 25 minutes and then flipped them.

I let them cook another 25 minutes upside down and then flipped them again.

Then, they finished off another 25 to 30 minutes (about 1 hour and 15 minutes total cook time).

They turned out very nice. Crunchy outside and juicy inside.

It was only me and my wife, and so we have a couple of thighs left over that I had for lunch sometime last week.

WFIW ... leftover KFC is not as good as other leftover chicken I've made. That is the one negative for this technique in my opinion. 

But, I'm sure I'll do KFC again sometime.

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Go Avalanche!

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