Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Interesting Blog Stats

This post is doing very well in my blog stats.  Its page views are by far #1 for both the week (2011 Mar 2 – 2011 Mar 9) and the month (2011 Feb 7 – 2011 Mar 8).  It is actually very close to the top 10 "all-time" despite the fact that it was posted only a few days ago.  I've been doing this blog since 2005, so to be close to the top 10 "all-time" is significant.  I think the stats are actually only since July of 2010, but that is still somewhat significant for me.

Why is this post so popular?  No one has left any comments, so I can only speculate.  My guess is though, it has something to do with part of the title "Women wearing very little".  I'm guessing if people are flocking to my blog because they are expecting to see pictures of scantily dressed women, they are pretty disappointed when they get here.  Yes, that post had a couple of photos of some of the women who stopped by while my wife was out of town, but you can certainly get more of that sort of content elsewhere without having to be bored with the minutia my life.

Part of me wants to make a blog post with the title something like:  "Hot naked women doing all sorts of sexy things".  It would be interesting to see how much traffic that blog entry would get.  I'm not sure I want that kind of traffic, though.  Of course, maybe just having "Hot naked women doing all sorts of sexy things" in the text of this entry will generate some interest.  I guess I'll see.  If so, the internet surfers who drop by will be very disappointed again (probably even more so).

But, this phenomenon makes me think about some other stats that are somewhat mysterious to me.

My post Tweedle Beetles which I added over 5 years ago still gets enough hits to make the monthly top 10 page views every month.  So does Poison Rationality, which was written in October of 2008.  These two posts are by far my #1 and #2 viewed pages "all-time".  I cannot for the life of me figure out why in March of 2011, people are still coming to read these two pages.  I'm not sure what the motivation is, but I am pretty sure whoever those people are, they are being disappointed as well.

This month, for some reason, people are hitting SQL Partition clause (August of 2008).  All I put there was a link to another blog, basically just as sort of a way to bookmark it for my future reference.   Why people are coming here now for that, I have no idea.  I am pretty sure that if you google "SQL Partition Clause", there are pages and pages of much more useful results before you get to my entry.

And, another amazing thing is that my audience comes from all over the world.  This week, my top 10 countries visiting my blog are United States, Slovenia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iran, and South Korea.  This month, people from China and Netherlands have visited quite a bit (quite a bit is a relative term).  Quite honestly, before blogspot added in the stats tab, I figured that for the most part I had two regular visitors plus random lost souls who accidentally came by every once and awhile.

Of course, keep in mind that all these stats are relative to a lightly visited blog.  In each of the last couple of months, I've only gotten a little more than 500 page views.  The most I've ever gotten in a month is a little over 1000.  I don't know how many of those are repeats or bots just worming their way over the internet.  I don't know how many of those page viewers actually read.  I wish I could drill down a little more and figure some of this stuff out.  Yes, I'm a geek.

Anyway, if you made it to this paragraph in the blog, do me a favor and leave me a comment.  I want to know what brought you here.  I am especially interested if you are the kind of person who came by simply because "hot naked women doing all sorts of sexy things" is in the text of this post.  Don't worry, you can leave the comment anonymously. 

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  1. I see you're making a run for it this month. I wasn't going to say anything, but...well, I guess I decided to.
    Have you checked out the search terms that have brought visitors to your blog? I think it's in...I forget what it's called...traffic sources? That's an interesting tidbit for my blog.
    Oh, and I'm one of the two people who used to read your blog regularly before blogger added stats :)