Thursday, March 03, 2011

Missing Wife, Bottling Beer, Women wearing very little

I guess I just lost my wife.  I don't know she went.  So, I'm going to drink my money.  I'm not going to pay her rent.  Na-na-na-na, na-na, na I wanna start a fight.

Not really.  (By the way, those "lyrics" are based on Pink's song "So What".  Did you see what I did there?  I cleverly switched the word "husband" with "wife" and "he" with "she", and then also "his" with "her".  Those are not original "lyrics" and I do not want you to think I stole them without giving proper credit.)

My wife left me and the boys this week.  She left us so that she could go on a cruise with her mother.  This year, my wife will be turning 40 and her mom will be turning 65.  Papa Lou thought it would be nice to send his wife and daughter on a cruise in honor of the "big" birthdays.  It's nice for Tracy and her mom.  Sort of sucks for me, but that's another story, and I don't suppose anyone is going to feel sorry for me.  As long as they are having fun, I guess it is worth it.

Grammy's gift to our soon-to-be 9 year old
Saturday after the women left, Connor practiced riding his bike.  Then, we came home and bottled some beer.  Then, I made the kids straighten up most of the house while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Then, we played soccer (the kids beat me).  At some point, we made dinner and I let the kids watch a Harry Potter movie.  Sunday was more of the same sort of stuff. 

Of course the missing wife means that I had to work at home on Monday and Friday since half day kindergarten and even "full day" elementary school don't correspond with my normal working hours.  Luckily, my kindergartner is an independent little boy and able to entertain himself with minimal distractions to his father.  For this, I am extremely lucky.  Monday, he even made me a sandwich for lunch.  Of course, in return for having my lunch made, I had to make his Mac and Cheese, which I guess is fair.

He also made himself a beach by digging up some dirt into a container and pouring in some water.  Weird, but at least it kept in busy for awhile.  And, if he made a mess, he did a good job cleaning it up before I noticed.

I was surprised when it was time to get the bigger kid from school.  Instead of my sweet little 5-year-old, I found a mean looking Sith Lord with a scary looking light saber.  Somehow I survived that ordeal.  I should probably tell my wife what mortal danger I was in.  On second thought, she won't care.

I think I finally got the whole DNS issue with fixed.  It took awhile, because for some reason there was a host file out there for, whereas I had always just managed it as a sub-domain on the host file.  I think the extra host file must have been created by GoDaddy when I set up the Sheppy Brew website as a sub-domain.  Anyway, all is well there for now.  I thought I had it fixed a couple times, though.  I think having more than one DNS host file doing the same thing confuses things so that they work for awhile and then stop.  Or, maybe I'm just crazy and it was either working or not the whole time.

During my missing-my-wife-insomnia sessions, I did quite a bit of work on the Sheppy Brew website.  Most of it was around error-handling.  More often than I would like, the SQL Server that GoDaddy has attached to my site goes down.  Since most of my content is stored in SQL server, the site is pretty much useless when SQL is down.  I added some code to cache most of the pages in text files periodically which can then be accessed when I am unable to access the SQL Server.

I also added an email field to the site comments.  Sometimes (rarely, but it does happen), someone leaves a comment and / or question which I feel needs an answer.  When this happens, I will leave a comment answer, but I usually feel like the person is unlikely to take the time to check back.  The email field gives me the ability to answer this person.  Eventually, I'll probably make the ability to do an email subscription to content updates, and I did some of the work there, but did not fully implement it.

Of course since we were 3 guys alone in the house, we had to throw a party or two.  We invited some hot women.  Of course, none of the women was as hot as my normal woman, but she left us, so what was I to do?

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Here are some pictures of us back when my wife wasn't sailing around the world:

I can't wait for Tracy to get home.  I know she doesn't miss me as much as I miss her.  I'm sure she misses the boys, though, so she'll probably come back.  Don't you think?

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