Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old web pages

I was looking at my links to the right of the blog.  I followed some of the links.  I have not updated in quite awhile, but it is still there.  For the most part, everything that I used to post there is covered in this blog now. has pictures and stories of hiking and camping adventures.  Now I pretty much cover that sort of thing here with the "wilderness" label. is basically a spot on which to share photos of my kids.  Now, I do the same thing with any blog entry with the label "kids".

And of course, My Thoughts has really been replaced by this whole blog (

One of the pages in is a list of my best (at the time) blog entries.  I feel I was much more interesting just a few years ago.  I certainly had a better imagination, and wrote more entertaining stuff.  I'm not even sure if I updated my list now (3 years later) that I would be able to say anything since this list is better than any of those posts.

Here are a list of some of them from that page:
  • Tyler Cowboy (7/13/2005)  -- My son the cowboy.
  • Smacking Tyler (9/28/2005)  -- Confessions of an abusive father. 
  • Male Lions (3/5/2006) -- The danger of living with two boys who think they are wild animals.
  • Kelsey (8/23/2007) -- Me and the boys Camping without Mommy.
  • September ( 9/18/2007) -- How the Tweedle Beetles and the Summit County mob screwed us on the Duck Races.  Other Tweedle Beetle offenses.

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