Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 Beer Terms

So, I got an email today from my "Contact Me" form on this blog.

It was the author of an article on the blog at called 6 Beer Terms Every Beer Expert Should Know .

This author asked that I share the article with my blog audience (you who are reading this right now). She thought it might be informative and interesting to my readers. I certainly cannot disagree as I found it interesting.

Go and read it. Here is another hyperlink for you: 6 Beer Terms Every Beer Expert Should Know

Come on ... go read it ... 6 Beer Terms Every Beer Expert Should Know

Click on the hyperlink for each term and you get links to even more information than the article presents.

So, to be honest, the most interesting part of the article for me was that all those terms are words that I generally expect EVERYONE (not just beer experts) to know. I think I have used every one of those words on this blog, and I doubt I have spent the time to define any of them.

I may not have used "Trappist Ale" on this blog. I know for sure I've used "IBU". Perhaps I have not used "Brettanomyces", but I have almost certainly referred to a "Bret" beer. I know for sure I have written things about Session Beers, Hefeweizens, and Head.

I have certainly talked to non-beer-experts about each and every one of the 6 Beer Terms Every Beer Expert Should Know.

It is probably pretty narrow-minded of me to make assumption that everyone who comes across my blog actually understands these words (and lots of other beer terms that I use).

This is probably something I should consider next time I post something about beer.

Anyway, in case you have not already, please go read 6 Beer Terms Every Beer Expert Should Know . Leave a comment and say that Sheppy sent you.

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